Arrival and Welcome
09:15 Arrival at Armada House - tea and coffee.
09:40 Welcome from Francesco Mezzadri.

Session 1
10:00 Scott Harper, Dobbly Disappointing.
10:25 Catherine Lamstaes, 'On the cusp...' vs 'tripped over the log': How best to describe the shape of a liquid interface when a vertical plate descends through it.
10:40 Andy Corbett, Especially Special Values of some Funky Functions.

11:00 Tea and coffee.

Session 2
11:30 Raphael Steiner, Vieta jumping on Apollonius circles.
11:50 Vlad Mitankin, Integral points on varieties.
12:05 Benjamin Bode, How to get from A to B (if you are a topologist).
12:25 Nick Jones, The mysteries of mathematics.
12:35 Sophie Watson, As simple as ABC.
12:50 Jory Griffin, Something fun and entertaining.

13:00 Lunch and optionally a walking tour of the harbourside area.

Session 3
14:30 Davide Ravotti, I'm Feeling Lucky - How Google decides what is relevant and what is not.
14:50 Vaios Blatzios, Discrete symmetries in the Tenfold Way - Applications to Quantum Chaos
15:10 Thanakrit Kaewtem, Sharp estimates of entropy numbers.

15:30 Tea and coffee.

Session 4
16:00 Jason Dungca, A History and Intro to Chaos and Dynamics.
16:25 Kathryn Leeming, The Young Wavelet's Guide to the Orchestra.
16:40 Adelina Manzateanu, The Secrets of Cubic Hypersurfaces over Finite Fields.

Wine reception sponsored by the Heilbronn Institute
17:00 Dr Julia Wolf, Associate Chair of the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, opens the reception
17:30 Talks from two recent graduates: Mauro Artigiani and Florian Bouyer.
Mauro Artigiani, Don't Panic.
Florian Bouyer, Staying sane during your PhD.
19:00 Three course dinner folowed by a maths-inspired pub quiz.