Ofer Busani's Home Page

Address: School of Mathematics
University of Bristol
Bristol, United Kingdom
E-mail: o.busani@bristol.ac.uk

I am a postdoc at the School of Mathematics at University of Bristol. I am mainly interested in probabilistic models that have strong connections to statistical physics such as random growth processes, interacting particle systems, and more generally in probability theory.
I am organizing the 'New challenges in the KPZ universality class' workshop.
I also co-organize with Ben Lees the Bristol Probability Seminar.


Courses I have taught

Papers and Preprints

  1. Ofer Busani, Timo Seppalainen. Non-existence of bi-infinite polymer Gibbs measures.arXiv:2010.11279-submitted.2020
  2. Ofer Busani, Timo Seppalainen. Bounds on the running maximum of a random walk with small drift. arXiv:2010.08767-submitted.2020
  3. Ofer Busani, Patrik L. Ferrari. Universality of the geodesic tree in last passage percolation. AOP-under revision.2020
  4. Marton Balazs, Ofer Busani, Timo Seppalainen. Local stationarity of exponential last passage percolation. PTRF-under revision.2020
  5. Gideon Amir, Ofer Busani, Patricia Goncalves, James Martin. The TAZRP speed process. Ann. Inst. Henri Poincaré Probab. Stat.-accepted.2019
  6. Marton Balazs, Ofer Busani, Timo Seppalainen. Non-existence of bi-infinite geodesics in the exponential corner growth model. Forum of Mathematics, Sigma.2019
  7. Ofer Busani. Continuous Time Random Walk as a Random Walk in Random Environment. arXiv:1709.02141.2018
  8. Ofer Busani. Finite dimensional Fokker–Planck equations for continuous time random walk
    . Stochastic Processes and their Applications. 2017.
  9. Ofer Busani. Aging Uncoupled Continuous Time Random Walk Limits. Electronic Journal of Probability. 2016.