$ \newcommand{\C}{\mathbb{C}} \newcommand{\R}{\mathbb{R}} \newcommand{\N}{\mathbb{N}} \newcommand{\Q}{\mathbb{Q}} \newcommand{\Z}{\mathbb{Z}} \newcommand{\wM}{\widetilde{M}} \newcommand{\Var}{\textrm{Var}} $

I am currently a research fellow in the School of Mathematics at the University of Bristol. I've previously been a visiting scholar at the University of Washington, a postdoctoral member of MSRI, and a member of the Institute for Advanced Study. Before all that, I was a graduate student at the University of Michigan, where I got my Ph.D. (in 2009) under the supervision of Jeffrey Lagarias. I work primarily in number theory, and I especially enjoy analytic number theory and experimentation.



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