Justin McInroy

Heilbronn Research Fellow
University of Bristol

School of Mathematics
University of Bristol
Fry Building
Woodland Road
1.20 Fry Building
+44 (0)117 954 5661
justin.mcinroy (at) bristol.ac.uk





I am a Heilbronn Research Fellow at the University of Bristol with interests in algebra, particularly group theory, non-associative algebras, and combinatorics.

Previously, I was a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leicester from 2012-2013 and a Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at Lincoln College, Oxford from 2011-2012. Before that I had an EPSRC PhD+ Research Fellowship at the University of Birmingham where previously I did my PhD under Sergey Shpectorov 2006-2010.

I gave a lecture series on axial algebras at the CIMPA School: Non-associative Algebras and their Applications in Madagascar (online) from 30th August to 11th September 2021. The course notes can be found here and the slides for the final talk here.

I organised a Focused Workshop on Axial Algebras in Bristol from 28th May to 1st June 2018.

Immediately before the workshop, I gave a mini-course on axial algebras to the staff and postgrads at Bristol. You can find the lecture notes here.

I was also on the Scientific Committee for the Workshop on Non-associative Algebras and Applications in Lancaster from 9th-13th July 2018.

Previously, I co-organised the Algebra and Geometry Seminar with Jason Semeraro for two years 2014-2016. I also organised the Bristol Algebra Day in 2014.

My CV can be found here.

I have written a magma package to construct axial algebras with a given Miyamoto group.

I have written a program in GAP to calculate the fundamental group of a geometry.

Please email me if you make use of either, have any comments, or find any bugs.

Updated: Aug 2021