Dr Kirsti Biggs

Kirsti Biggs

I am currently a Heilbronn Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, working in Analytic Number Theory. From January 2020, I will be a postdoc at Chalmers University of Technology / University of Gothenburg, working with Dr Julia Brandes.
My research involves the Hardy–Littlewood circle method and its application to Diophantine problems, particularly various analogues of Waring's problem. I am also interested in Diophantine approximation and additive combinatorics.

Prior to this, I was a PhD student, also at the University of Bristol, working under the supervision of Professor Trevor Wooley.


Preprints and Publications

My preprints on the arXiv

Efficient congruencing in ellipsephic sets: the general case
Efficient congruencing in ellipsephic sets: the quadratic case
Almost equal summands in Waring's problem with shifts, Monatshefte für Mathematik (2019)
On the asymptotic formula in Waring's problem with shifts, Journal of Number Theory (2018)
Lower bounds for heights in relative Galois extensions (with S. Akhtari, K. Aktaş, A. Hamieh, K. Petersen, L. Thompson) - Women in Numbers Europe II: Contributions to Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry

Recent and Upcoming Travel

Arithmetic (and) Harmonic Analysis, Institut Mittag-Leffler, May 2020
AMS Spring Sectional Meeting, Purdue, April 2020
N-CUBE Days XI, Gothenberg, November 2019
Analytic Number Theory, Oberwolfach, November 2019
Topics in Rational and Integral Points, Basel, September 2019
Number Theory and Dynamics, Cambridge, March 2019
2019 Joint Mathematics Meetings, Baltimore, January 2019

Contact Details

Fry Building, Woodland Road, Bristol, BS8 1UG

kirsti dot biggs at bristol dot ac dot uk