Why study Japanese?

My past students have come to study Japanese for a variety of reasons. Some have lived in Japan and want to maintain contact with friends and colleagues, or study for a qualification exam, such as the JLPT, GCSE or A-levels. Some are simply going there on holiday and want to learn a little survival Japanese. Others have an interest in Japanese culture, through manga, anime, martial arts, origami, calligraphy, or even karaoke, and would like to learn more. Still others have no particular connection with Japan, and just like the challenge of learning something new.

Whatever your reason, studying Japanese can be a very rewarding experience. It's different from studying the European languages that many people opt for in secondary school. That makes it challenging in some ways, but fun at the same time. Contact me, and I can help design a lesson plan that's right for you.

An example of Japanese calligraphy. Artist: Masae Horikawa