Dr. Anna Maltsev

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

University of Bristol
Department of Mathematics
Bristol BS8 1SN UK

Office: 2.16

E-mail: Anna.Maltsev@bristol.ac.uk

Research Profile

My research fields lie in probability, mathematical physics, analysis, and biophysics. My current research interests include random matrix theory, spectral theory of Wigner matrices, random fermionic systems related to the XY model, and deterministic quantum trees. My Ph.D. work was on spectral theory of a Schroedinger operator on the half-line. Furthermore, I am interested in biophysics, particularly in understanding the intracellular calcium signaling in the sinoatrial node cell.

Curriculum Vitae

Video of my talk in Banff 2015 on eigenvectors of quantum trees
Publications and preprints in probability, analysis, and mathematical physics:

       Density and spacings for the energy levels of quadratic Fermi operators (with Fabio Cunden and Francesco Mezzadri)

       On Agmon metrics and exponential localization for quantum graphs, (with Evans Harrell), Communications in Mathematical Physics

       Fluctuations in the 2D one-component plasma and associated fourth-order phase transition, (with F. D. Cunden and F. Mezzadri), Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 2015

       Fluctuations of Linear Statistics of Half-Heavy-Tailed Random Matrices, (with F. Benaych-Georges), Stochastic Processes and their Applications

       Optimal Bounds on the Stieltjes Transform of Wigner Matrices, (with C. Cacciapuoti and B. Schlein), Probability and Related Fields

       Local Marchenko-Pastur Law at the Hard Edge of Sample Covariance Matrices, (with C. Cacciapuoti and B. Schlein), Journal of Mathematical Physics

       Average Density of States for Hermitian Wigner Matrices, (with B. Schlein), Advances in Mathematics

       Wegner Estimate for Wigner Matrices, (with B. Schlein), Entropy and the quantum II, AMS.

       Universality Limits for Half-Line Schroedinger Operator, Communications in Mathematical Physics

Publications in biophysics:

       Clusters of calcium release channels harness the Ising phase transition to confine their elementary intracellular signals (with Victor Maltsev and Michael Stern)

       V. Maltsev, Y. Yaniv, A. Maltsev, M. Stern, E. Lakatta. Modern perspectives on numerical modeling of cardiac pacemaker cell. J Pharmacol Sci. 2014;125(1):6-38. Epub 2014 Apr 19.

       A. Maltsev, Y. Yaniv, M. Stern, E. Lakatta, V. Maltsev. RyR-NCX-SERCA local cross-talk ensures pacemaker cell function at rest and during the fight-or-flight reflex. Circulation Research. 2013.

       A. Maltsev, V. Maltsev, M. Mikheev, L. Maltseva, S. Sirenko, E. Lakatta, M. Stern. Synchronization of stochastic Ca2+ release units creates a rhythmic Ca2+ clock in cardiac pacemaker cells. Biophysical Journal. 2011.

       M. Mikheev, A. Solovyev, A. Maltsev, J. Bartels, S. Chang, Q. Mi, Y. Vodovotz. A parallel implementation of an agent-based modeling platform with application in modeling calcium releases in cardiomyocytes. Journal of Critical Care, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages e21-e21

       D. Mager, E. Kobrinsky, A. Masoudieh, A. Maltsev, D. Abernethy, N. Soldatov. Analysis of functional signaling domains from fluorescence imaging and the two-dimensional continuous wavelet transform. Biophysical Journal. 2007. 93:2900-10.

       D. Mager, E. Kobrinsky, A. Maltsev, N. Soldatov, D. Abernethy. Wavelet-based analysis of FRET microscopy. Biophotonics International. 2005. 12:49-50.

       Slides of my talk at UCLA


Fall 2011: Topics in Reproducing Kernels

Spring 2013: Intro to Quantum Mechanics

Spring 2013: Random Matrix Theory

Spring 2014, 2015, 2016: Mathematical Methods 3


I'm married to the mathematician Abhishek Saha







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