Daniel Lawson, Bristol.

This is the homepage of Daniel Lawson, Sir Henry Dale Wellcome Trust Research Fellow at the University of Bristol. This fellowship, funded by the Royal Society, is on "Statistical methodology for population genetics inference from massive datasets with applications in epidemiology" and runs from October 2014 to September 2019. For a (non-technical) description of this work see the research, page, with the papers referenced over in publications.

My work focusses on genetics and epidemiology, with a focus on chromosome painting, for which we've produced a usable, flexible and powerful set of tools. I'm currently working on statistical and data-mining techniques to scale this analysis up to "all the genomes of all people", an ambitious goal that requires some new statistical and data mining methodology. The project also involves identifying which areas of the genome are interesting and in which subpopulations selection might have been acting.

Some details of my teaching are available, as is further information about me, my work with Mathematics education of young children and my contact details. You can look me up on Google Scholar.