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There are many convenient ways to add these events into your calendar.
  1. Email me at from your email you use at Google Calendar, and I will invite you to future events. Unless you blocked such actions, events will automatically appear in your own main Google calendar. Probably this is the simplest and most convenient solution. (If you do not use Google Calendar, this way you will still receive separate .ics calendar files for each event, which you could import to your favourite calendar.)
  2. Use the "+Google Calendar" button above (lower right corner of the calendar frame), or one of the following ID's to add this calendar as a separate one in Google Calendars (or other calendar software/device you use; not tested):
  3. Use the current page or the calendar's full web address to display the calendar, from where you can copy the events into your Google calendar, or just copy-paste them anywhere else.
  4. This is not recommended, as this way events will not update when I refresh them: to import all events, use the above ical link to save the ical file. You can then import this file into various calendar tools.