Algebraic Topology: Home Page

Example sheets and other material related to the course will be posted here.

Notes, books, etc.

There is quite a lot of useful material on the webpage of Allen Hatcher, at Cornell, as well as other places.
The course will most closely follow parts of the following notes and book by Hatcher: Another nice book you can find online, with plenty of problems in: And a couple of other recommended books (not online):

Notes on continuity

This short document summarizes facts about continuous maps that are useful for giving proofs of continuity.

Summary of singular homology

This short document summarizes without proofs the basic definitions and theorems on singular homology.

Plans for lectures

I'll put here what I intend to cover in individual lectures. I won't always judge the timing perfectly, and I'll add annotations in bold if plans change. Until further notice, page number references are to Hatcher's notes on topological spaces. I won't always cover precisely what's in the notes, and will try to give examples and alternative points of view not in the notes.

Homework Sheets

There is no exam for this unit, but there will be five assignments that each count for 16 percent of the final mark (plus one optional assignment early on, which won't count towards the final mark). You'll have at least two weeks for each assignment. The timetable for the compulsory homework assignments is as follows. I'm allowing more time for the last three assignments because you'll also be preparing presentations (see below).
Please hand in work by 12 noon on the due date, to the secure blue box in G90 in the Fry building.
I'll attempt to return marked work within a week, but certainly within eight working days.

PDF files

Office Hour

12:30-1:30 Thursdays, 1.28 Fry Building. Or I'll usually be free and happy to answer questions just after lectures.

Student Presentations

Most of the last three weeks will be taken up with presentations by all students, which will count for 20 percent of the final mark. More details later.