. Axiomatic Set Theory Axiomatic Set Theory

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  • All lectures and problems classes are available on the Youtube Channel to which you can subscribe, (the playlist AST Axiomatic Set Theory is this course not the course ST Set Theory). There are also links on Blackboard.

  • Problems Classes

    Problem Class: live online, Friday 15.00, in Weeks 1-10. (The first problems class will be concerned with background on Logic and Set Theory for those without the Bristol prerequisites (or for revision - please send me your requests for topics to be covered here).

  • Live online sessions will be recorded for later repeated viewing, but note it may take up to 24 hours for these to be available.

  • Review of concepts from Set Theory Please read! Note the concepts from Logic that will be assumed (at the end), in particular the Löwenheim-Skolem Theorem.

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    Three lectures per week in Weeks 1-10: Monday a pre-recorded lecture to view (either 50 minutes, or split into two parts A and B); Wednesday 10.00 & Thursday 14.00 live online lectures. Weeks 11-12: Revision/Problems classes (also live online).

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