Talks siena.pdf
St.Andrews BLC on Field
AQI and Determinacy. Amsterdam 12/11/03 .dvi
Necessity as a Predicate Amsterdam 11/12/03 .dvi
AMS Set Theory Special Session, Phoenix Jan.2004 .ps,
Paris May.2004 .ps, .dvi
Barcelona June.2004 .ps, .dvi
Edinburgh Kurt Gödel Conference, March 26'th 2006 ``Games for supervaluation and dependency''.pdf
Kolkata Meeting 5'th January 2007 "Games and Abstract Inductive Definitions"

Chicheley Hall, Turing Conference, June 2012 Generalised Turing Machines and strategies for games
CiE2012 Conference, Cambridge, June 2012 Transfinite Dynamical Models
Foundations of Mathematics Conference, Cambridge, July 2012 Conceptualism: sets and absolute infinities
Invited Lecture for the 6'th European Congress of Mathematicians, Krakow, July 2012 A Turing Centenary lecture