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I am working with:
  • Natalia Bochkina (Edinburgh), on theoretical aspects of Bayesian inverse problems, especially in emission tomography
  • Alun Thomas (Utah), on junction tree algorithms for probability models on decomposable graphs
  • Julia Mortera (Roma Tre) on Bayes nets and application to forensic statistics
  • Louise Ryan and Jarod Lee on random effects in GLMMs
  • Kanti Mardia and Chris Fallaize, on alignment and matching problems.
Other recent collaborators:
  • Matthew Arnold, PhD student, and David Leslie on topological statistics
  • Graeme Ambler, on a BBSRC-funded project on modelling of gene-expression data
  • Sarah Benard, whose MSc thesis was on Bayesian analysis of extreme values in environmental applications
  • Carmen Fernández, on mixture modelling in time and space
  • Richard Everitt, who has recently completed his PhD project on autocorrelation and autovalidation in Monte Carlo methods, and is now a postdoctoral fellow at Oxford
  • Arnoldo Frigessi (Norwegian Computing Center) on pseudo-likelihood inference for spatial interaction models with covariates
  • Paolo Giudici (Pavia) on model determination in graphical models
  • Miles Harkness, whose PhD thesis was on high-level image analysis
  • David Hastie, whose PhD thesis was on reversible jump methodology and statistical bioinformatics
  • Matthew Hodgson, whose PhD thesis was on inference for ion channel data
  • Chris Holmes (Oxford), on partition models and nonparametric regression
  • Søren Højsgaard (Aarhus), on analysis of multiple time series arising in a dairy science application, using a cyclical state space model
  • Fay Hosking, on her PhD project on genome-wide association studies, in collaboration with George Davey-Smith and Jonathan Sterne; she is now at the Institute of Cancer Research
  • Sarah-Ann Howes, whose MSc thesis was on disease mapping and road accident statistics
  • Merrilee Hurn (Bath), on photometric redshifts, a calibration problem in astronomy
  • John Lau, on a BBSRC-funded project on modelling of gene-expression data; he is now assistant professor at Western Australia
  • Dan Lawson and Jack O'Brien, together with Daniel Falush (Cork) and Xavier Didelot (Warwick) on a Wellcome Trust funded project on bacterial genomics
  • Duncan Murdoch (London, Ontario) on coupling from the past in Bayesian computation
  • Alex Lewin, Anne-Mette Hein and Natalia Bochkina (Imperial), on flexible hierarchical modelling of gene expression data
  • Antonietta Mira (Lugano) on MCMC methodology, including branching process methods and delayed rejection
  • Agostino Nobile (Glasgow), on the Bayesian analysis of factorial experiments
  • David Nott (Singapore), on novel MCMC methods for model selection
  • Vysaul Nyirongo (Leeds), on alignment and matching problems
  • Haritz Olaeta (Vitoria), whose PhD thesis was on problems in pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling
  • Sylvia Richardson (MRC, Cambridge), on sparse latent factor modelling
  • Yann Ruffieux (Lausanne), on alignment and matching problems
  • Luisa Scaccia (Macerata), on growth curves using mixture models with nonparametric weights
  • Ida Scheel (Oslo), who recently visited to work on graphical techniques for checking sensitivity to model assumptions in hierarchical models Jonty Rougier (Bristol) and Arnoldo Frigessi (Oslo) also collaborated on this
  • Nigel Smart on hidden Markov models in cryptanalysis
  • Scott Sisson (New South Wales), whose PhD thesis was on model determination and QTL models
  • Claudia Tarantola (Pavia), on Bayesian model determination in discrete graphical models
  • Tom Vincent, MRes/PhD student, and Dek Woolfson and his group, on statistical models of protein structure
  • Neil Walker, part-time PhD student, on spatial modelling of infectious disease in mammals
  • Simon Woodhead, whose PhD thesis was on Bayesian analysis of uncertainty in flood inundation models conditioned against binary data, jointly with Paul Bates in Geography

Professor Peter Green, School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1TW, UK.
Email link Telephone: +44 (0)117 928 7967; Fax: +44 (0)117 928 7999
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