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-- a suite of functions in R for probability propagation in discrete graphical models.
If you download the R functions or the user guide, please send a message to me at my email address, with your email address and any comments. I can then keep you informed of any updates.
  • R source code, version 0.3 [13/12/09] can be used safely with 0.2 Fortran code, DLL and examples
  • R source code, version 0.2 [21/11/05] superseded
  • Fortran source code for key routines, version 0.3 [21/06/12] (thanks to Patrick Rubin-Delanchy and Mark Tokutomi for correcting a formatting error)
  • Windows DLL from this Fortran source code, version 0.2 - works in Windows XP and Windows 7 [21/11/05]
  • User guide in PDF format [21/11/05]
  • Changes between versions [13/12/09]
  • R package for Windows and Linux for version 0.2 [21/11/05] (provided by Iago Mosqueira; please direct any queries to imosqueira (at) suk.azti.es)
  • Input file of examples [12/01/03] and output [9/12/03] (run under R version 1.8.1).
  • A PowerPoint show about probability propagation
  • Handout for PowerPoint show (PDF format)
  • Home page for Hugin
  • R can be downloaded from here

Download instructions: as a minimum, download the R source into your current working directory, and type source('Grappa.R') within R. To test, run the examples, using source or by copy-paste. To improve performance, download and install the Fortran code, or if you are using Windows, the DLL version. See Section 3.4 of the User guide.
Further updates can be expected at random.

Grappa is free of charge for educational and non-commercial research purposes.
Please report any problems with the code to the author, Peter Green, via Email link

Professor Peter Green, School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1TW, UK.
Email link Telephone: +44 (0)117 928 7967; Fax: +44 (0)117 928 7999
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