Decomposable graphical gaussian model determination

by Paolo Giudici (Universita' di Pavia) and Peter J. Green (University of Bristol)
We propose a methodology for Bayesian model determination in decomposable graphical gaussian models. To achieve this aim we consider a hyper inverse Wishart prior distribution on the concentration matrix for each given graph. To ensure compatibility across models, such prior distributions are obtained by marginalisation from the prior conditional on the complete graph. We explore alternative structures for the hyperparameters of the latter, and their consequences for the model. Model determination is carried out by implementing a reversible jump MCMC sampler. In particular, the dimension-changing move we propose involves adding or dropping an edge from the graph. We characterise the set of moves which preserve the decomposability of the graph, giving a fast algorithm for maintaining the junction tree representation of the graph at each sweep. As state variable, we propose to use the incomplete variance-covariance matrix, containing only the elements for which the corresponding element of the inverse is nonzero. This allows all computations to be performed locally, at the clique level, which is a clear advantage for the analysis of large and complex data-sets. Finally, the statistical and computational performance of the procedure is illustrated by means of both artificial and real data-sets.

Some key words: Bayesian Model Selection; Hyper Markov distributions; Junction Tree; Inverse Wishart Distribution; Reversible Jump MCMC.

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