Tanniemola B. Liverpool
Professor of Theoretical Physics

Theoretical Soft Matter and Biological Physics
BA, MA Natural Sciences (Physics) Cambridge University
PhD (Theoretical Physics) Cambridge University

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I am in the Applied Section of the School of Mathematics at Bristol. My research primarily involves theoretical descriptions of complex fluids (membranes, polymers, gels, ...). I am increasingly interested in the study of "soft biological matter" (DNA, proteins, the cytoskeleton, gene regulation, ...), and the organising principles behind this highly interesting active (living) state of matter. My approach to these problems is always from the angle (point of view) of a condensed matter physicist (or statistical mechanic).
In addition I teach the odd course or two.


  1. Pair creation, motion, and annihilation of topological defects in two-dimensional nematic liquid crystals
    Cortese, D., Eggers, J. & Liverpool, T.
    Physical Review E. 97, 022704 (2018)

  2. Multiple phoretic mechanisms in the self-propulsion of a Pt-insulator Janus swimmer
    Ibrahim, Y., Golestanian, R. & Liverpool, T.
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 828, p.318-352 (2017)

  3. Hydrodynamic interactions in dense active suspensions: From polar order to dynamical clusters
    Yoshinaga, N. & Liverpool, T.
    Physical Review E. 96, , 020603(R) (2017)

  4. Beyond icosahedral symmetry in packings of proteins in spherical shells
    Mosayebi, M., Shoemark, D. K., Fletcher, J. M., Sessions, R. B., Linden, N., Woolfson, D. N. & Liverpool, T. B.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 114, 34, p.9014-9019 (2017)
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Office: Room 2.4, School of Mathematics Building,
Mail: School of Mathematics,
University of Bristol, bris
University Walk, Bristol, BS8 1TW, UK
Phone: +44-(0)117-928 9838 (office) 7999 (fax)
E-mail: t.liverpool(at)bristol.ac.uk

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