Density of Rational and Integral Points


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Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation


3rd-7th January 2011


Over the last few decades the topic of counting rational and integral points on varieties has witnessed a surge of activity. We now have several basic conjectures and a spectrum of techniques for tackling them, encompassing:

  1. analytic number theory and torsors;
  2. harmonic analysis on adelic spaces; and
  3. dynamical systems and mixing.
The main goal of this meeting is to bring together experts in the various schools to stimulate further research and seed future collaborations.

[Image courtesy of Chrystal Cherniwchan]

travel information

We will transport all participants who require it to the conference venue. On the morning of Monday Jan 3 there will be a bus picking up participants at 3 stops:

  1. Tel Aviv,
  2. Ben Gurion International Airport,
  3. Jerusalem.
Participants should arrive in Israel on the evening of Jan 2 and proceed to either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, or arrive at Ben-Gurion airport before 0800 on Jan 3. The bus will return on the evening of Friday Jan 7, in time for flights leaving after 2300 on Jan 7 or on Jan 8. Please contact Ms. YAEL COHEN at cms@math.technion.ac.il for further details.


This workshop will take place at the Ein Gedi Field School in Israel, an oasis located west of the Dead Sea [31°27'N 35°23'E]. Temperatures in January may average from a low of 7 to a high of 20 degrees Celsius.


This workshop is funded by the Clay Mathematics Institute, the Israel Science Foundation, the Technion Centre for Mathematical Sciences and the European Research Council.

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