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I am a lecturer in the ergodic theory group in the maths department at the University of Bristol. I was previously a research assistant at Warwick University. I did my PhD with Mark Pollicott . A copy of my thesis can be found here (warning 10 mb). Currently my main area of research is in the dimension theory of dynamical systems and in particular the properties of self-similar sets.


Here is my teaching page for analysis 1b.


Dimension of fat Sierpinski gaskets (Appeared in 'Real Analysis Exchange' 31 (2005/06), no.1, 97-110).
Measures supported on fat Sierpinski carpets (Joint with Mark Pollicott. Appeared in 'Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 'This paper also has an appendix. Appendix: Positive measure self-similar sets without interior (Joint with Marianna Csornyei, Mark Pollicott, David Preiss and Boris Solomyak. Also appeared in 'Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems'.)
Multifractal analysis and the variance of Gibbs measures (joint with Mark Pollicott. Appeared in 'The Journal of the LMS').
Hausdorff dimension for randomly perturbed self affine attractors (joint with Mark Pollicott and Karoly Simon. Appeared in 'Communications in Mathematical Physics').
The Hausdorff dimension of measures for iterated function systems which contract on average (joint with Mark Pollicott. Appeared in 'Discrete and Continuous Dynamical systems').
Multifractal analysis for Birkhoff averages for some self-affine iterated function system (joint with Karoly Simon. Appeared in 'Dynamical systems; an International Journal').
My more recent papers can be viewed here on Arxiv.

Mathematical Links

Warwick dynamical systems seminar.
Conferences in dynamical systems.
St. Andrews site on the history of Mathematics.
A workshop on dynamical systems for graduate students at Warwick.
A one day ergodic theory meeting at Warwick on June 18th.
A Conference on dynamical systems at Warwick, August 2007.

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