Algebra 2

Algebra 2

Tim Dokchitser, Spring 2018, official course page

Lecture times

Monday 13-14: Frank LT (Physics G44)
Thursday 14-15: Frank LT
Friday 15-16: Frank LT

Friday 13-14 (week 13,14,16,18,20): Feedback session, Enderby LT (Physics, B16/17)
Time/location TBA: Maths Cafe with Anna Young

Lecture notes

Full lecture notes (taken by Charles Lynch).
(If you discover any mistakes, please let me know and I will correct them; last edit 18.5.17)

Exercises & assigned homework

There are 10 exercise sheets for this course. Each one contains one assigned question that has to be handed in on Thursday the week after the sheet is set (either after the Thursday lecture or in the Algebra 2 box) by 4pm. Your question will be marked, and the 10 set questions count towards the final grade. Late homework is not marked.


85% final examination, 15% homework.