CMI-HIMR Summer School in Computational Number Theory
Bristol, 17-28 June 2019

Organisers: Jennifer Balakrishnan (Boston University) and Tim Dokchitser (University of Bristol)

A postgraduate mathematics 2 week summer school jointly funded by the Clay Mathematics Institute, the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research and EPSRC LMF Programme Grant. Big thanks to all the lecturers for great courses, the TAs Alex Best, Francesca Bianchi, Matthew Bisatt, Josha Box, Nirvana Coppola, Stevan Gajovic, Pip Goodman, Andre Macedo, and Ross Patterson for their hard work! Special thanks also to Fran, Jaz and Chloe for their support throughout the Summer School.

Summer school photo (click to enlarge)

Week 1:

Céline Maistret (Boston): Computational aspects of the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture
Lectures and exercises
Adam Morgan (Glasgow): Local arithmetic of curves and Jacobians
Rachel Newton (Reading): The Hasse norm principle
Lectures and Exercises
Samir Siksek (Warwick): Explicit arithmetic of modular curves
Lecture notes, slides I, II, III, IV, exercises 1, 2, 3, 4.

Week 2:

John Cremona (Warwick): Arithmetic statistics
Course Outline, Exercises 1, Exercises 2
Steffen Mueller (Groningen): Rational points on curves
Lectures 1-3, and Lecture 4
Andrew Sutherland (MIT): Zeta functions and L-functions of curves and abelian varieties
Outline and Exercises
John Voight (Dartmouth): Computing endomorphism rings of Jacobians
Lectures and Exercises