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Arithmetic of L-functions

University of Bristol, October 1-3, 2012

Supported by the London Mathematical Society and the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research
Invited participants
Alex Bartel, Massimo Bertolini, Irene Bouw, John Cremona, Vladimir Dokchitser, Qing Liu,
Karl Rubin, Tony Scholl, Nina Snaith, Stefan Wewers, Christian Wuthrich

Monday Oct 1
LMS South West & South Wales Regional Meeting

1.15 Registration (with tea/coffee)
2.00 Opening
2.05 John Cremona (Warwick)
       Unusual modular curves and elusive isogenies (slides)
3.05 Tea/Coffee
3.45 Tony Scholl (Cambridge)
       Special values of L-functions
5.00 Karl Rubin (Irvine)
       Ranks of elliptic curves
6.00 Reception
7.00 Conference dinner

Tuesday Oct 2
LMS Workshop "L-functions of curves"

9.00 Tea/Coffee
10.00 Stefan Keil (Berlin)
         Abelian surfaces with Tate-Shafarevich group of order 5 times a square
11.30 Qing Liu (Bordeaux)
         Congruence of models of elliptic curves
12.30 Lunch
2.00 Stefan Wewers (Ulm)
       Computing the semistable reduction of curves
3.00 Tea/Coffee
3.45 Vladimir Dokchitser (Cambridge)
       Galois equivariance of L-values and BSD
5.00 Christian Wuthrich (Nottingham)
       Congruences for derivatives of L-functions and the equivariant BSD conjecture

Wednesday Oct 3
LMS Workshop "L-functions of curves"

9.00 Tea/Coffee
10.00 Nina Snaith (Bristol)
         Elliptic curves and random matrix theory
11.30 Alex Bartel (Warwick)
       Elliptic curves with p-Selmer growth for all primes p
12.30 Lunch
2.00 Steffen Müller (Hamburg)
         A p-adic BSD conjecture for modular abelian varieties (slides)
3.00 Tea/Coffee
3.45 Massimo Bertolini (Milano)
       p-adic L-functions and Euler systems

The talks will take place in the SM1 room of the School of Mathematics, University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TW


Barinder Banwait (Warwick, graduate)     Irene Galstian (London)     Damaris Schindler (Bristol, graduate)     
Alex Bartel (Warwick)     Andreas Holmstrom (Paris)     Tony Scholl (Cambridge)     
Massimo Bertolini (Milano)     Andrew Jones (Sheffield, graduate)     Graeme Segal (LMS)     
Irene Bouw (Ulm)     Stefan Keil (Berlin, graduate)     Dale Smith (Bristol)     
Julio Brau (Cambridge, graduate)     Wansu Kim (Cambridge)     Nina Snaith (Bristol)     
Tim Browning (Bristol)     Jack Lamplugh (Cambridge, graduate)     Efthymios Sofos (Bristol, graduate)     
Peter Bruin (Zurich)     Chern-Yang Lee (Nottingham)     Nelson Stephens (Bristol)     
Hung Bui (Zurich)     Qing Liu (Bordeaux)     Peter Stevenhagen (Leiden)     
Pierfrancesco Carlucci (Rome, graduate)     Daniel Loughran (Bristol)     Kristian Strommen (Oxford, graduate)     
Cangxiong Chen (Cambridge, graduate)     Gihan Marasingha (Exeter)     Holger Then (Bristol)     
Francis Clarke (Swansea)     Adam Morgan (Bristol, graduate)     Kiminori Tsukazaki (Warwick, graduate)     
Jonathan Crawford (Durham, graduate)     Steffen Muller (Hamburg)     Jan Vonk (Oxford, graduate)     
John Cremona (Warwick)     Martin Nikolov (Durham)     Lynne Walling (Bristol)     
Christophe Debry (Leuven, graduate)     Fiona Nixon (LMS)     Haining Wang (Penn State)     
Emek Demirci (Bristol, graduate)     Thomas Oliver (Nottingham, graduate)     Mark Watkins (Sydney)     
Martin Dickson (Bristol, graduate)     Owen Patashnik (Bristol)     Stefan Wewers (Ulm)     
Tim Dokchitser (Bristol)     Soma Purkait (Warwick)     Rob Wilson (LMS)     
Vladimir Dokchitser (Cambridge)     Elmer Rees (Bristol)     Steve Wilson (Bristol)     
Jo Dwyer (Bristol, graduate)     Harvey Rose (Bristol)     Christian Wuthrich (Nottingham)     
Elizabeth Fisher (LMS)     Karl Rubin (Irvine)     
Daniel Fretwell (Sheffield, graduate)     Ibrahim Salehbhai (Gujarat)     

Conference photo

Please email if you would like to attend the meeting and we will send you further information including suggestions for accommodation. There is no registration fee, and we particularly welcome graduate students and young researchers to participate.