TCC Course - Fall 2010

Introduction to Teichmueller Dynamics

Dr. Corinna Ulcigrai (University of Bristol)

Course description:

The study of dynamical properties of billiards in polygons, translation surfaces and piecewise isometries of the interval is a rich area of research which has developed and bloomed in the last decades. The main tool which allow to investigate these systems is given by the geodesic flow and the SL(2,R) action on the moduli spaces of translation surfaces. During the lectures, we will introduce basic definitions and examples of:

We plan on proving during the course the following theorems, which show the beutiful connection between Teichmueller dynamics and dynamical properties of translation surfaces. Specifically, we will cover:

Additional topics will be covered time permitting.

Time: Wednesdays, 11.15am - 13.15am; See TCC Timetable

Lecture whiteboards:

Course Assessment:

The course will be assessed by solutions to the problems in the problem sheet posted here, that will be regularly updated as the course goes on (last updated: January, 2010).

Background Material: