Math 109a: Introduction to Geometry and Topology

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Instructor: Alexander Gorodnik
Office: 172 Sloan
Phone: 395-4325
E-mail: gorodnik "at" caltech "dot" edu

Office Hours: MW 2-3pm and by appointment

TA: Dongping Zhuang
E-mail: dongping "at" caltech "dot" edu

Course Objective: Math 109a is the first of three courses in the 109 sequence, and is an introduction to topology. Topology studies geometrical properties of objects that are preserved under continuous deformations.

We will cover the following topics:

Prerequisites: Ma 2 or equivalent, and Ma 108 must be taken previously or concurrently.

Book: The main textbook for this course is

Our approach will deviate slightly from the one in this book. Other useful references are There is also a number of online lecture notes:

Grading Policy: Weekly homework (30%), a midterm (30%) and a final (40%). Late work will only be accepted with a valid and well-documented explanation. Please, contact Dongping Zhuang to submit late homework.

Collaboration Policy: You may discuss homework problems with other students, but solutions should be written up individually in your own words. Take-home exams must be your own work, with outside references properly attributed.