PAD 2-minute --> 3-minute talks

Please note: we have increased the length from 2 to 3 minutes per talk.

15:40, 25 November, 2016
SM3, School of Mathematics

Erwin Bolthausen:   "2-dimensional random walks in random environment"
Michiel van den Berg:   "Isoperimetric inequalities and their stability"
Anton Solomko:   "On some problems in the Spectral Theory of Dynamical Systems"
Chris Lutsko:   "Stochastic PDEs and Renormalization"
Liviana Palmisano:   "On Cherry flows"
Neil O'Connell:   "The unreasonable ubiquitousness of determinantal point processes"
Jens Marklof:   "SL(n,R) and point processes"
Mario Perez Jimenez:   "The game 'sixty-three'"
Anna Maltsev:   "The Ising model and intracellular signaling in heart cells"
Sean Ledger:   "The frog model on trees"
Jimmy Tseng:   "Applications of the Birkhoff ergodic theorem and the Siegel mean value theorem to Diophantine approximation"
Davide Ravotti:   "Perturbations of homogeneous flows"
John Mckay:   "Separation and friends"
Christophe Andrieu:   "Piecewise deterministic Markov processes for simulation"
Corinna Ulcigrai:   "Limit theorems for some deterministic walks"
Márton Balázs:   "Jacobi triple product"
Jonas Arista:   "Coincidence probabilities"
Edward Crane:   "Convergence of the critical forest fire equations"
Bálint Tóth:   "Random stirrings"
Ivor McGillivray:   "Isoperimetric and analytic inequalities with weighted volume and perimeter"
Ayalvadi Ganesh:   "Queues, games and welfare"
Thomas Jordan:   "?"
Angus Davidson:   "Robot crawler"