Condensed matter physics:

Paper with Ruben Verresen:
Asymptotic Correlations in Gapped and Critical Topological Phases of 1D Quantum Systems
J. Stat. Phys. (published online, 8th April 2019); full text;

Paper with Frank Pollmann and Ruben Verresen:
Topology and edge modes in quantum critical chains
Phys. Rev. Lett. (published online, 1 February 2018); full text;

Paper with Jo Hutchinson:
Fisher Hartwig determinants, conformal field theory and universality in generalised XX models
J. Stat. Mech. (published online, 11 July 2016); full text;
Preprint: arxiv:1603.05612

Essay supervised by Guifre Vidal:
The classification of gapped 1D phases on a spin chain; pdf.

Random matrices:

Paper with Manjul Bhargava, John Cremona, Tom Fisher and Jon Keating:
What is the probability that a random integral quadratic form in n variables has an integral zero?
IMRN (published online, 9 September 2015); full text;
Here is an alternative formula for the matrix elements of Theorem 1.3.

PhD thesis:

Supervised by Jon Keating and Jonathan Robbins:
Universality in high dimensional matrices and low dimensional physics

Evaluation of spin networks using group integrals:

I studied the theory of SU(2) spin networks as introduced by Roger Penrose. They can be evaluated combinatorially but also as an integral over SU(2). Supervised by John Hannay we understood how to go between the two methods and evaluated some examples combinatorially and via the integral. The review I wrote is available here. I also recommend John Baez' site for information about this topic and much more.

I was a summer student at CERN with the ALICE collaboration in 2011 and a Nuffield summer student with Sebastian Mueller in 2010. In summer 2012, I worked with Isaac Chenchiah and Jonathan Robbins on problems in vortex motion.