Arrival and Welcome
09:15 Arrival at Engineer House - tea and coffee.
09:45 Welcome from Francesco Mezzadri.

Block 1
10:00 Sophie Stevens, "A Catchy Title".
10:20 Dom Moylett, "Beat this game to win a million dollars!".
10:45 Sam Young, "Pinning the tail on the donkey".

11:00 Tea and coffee.

Block 2
11:30 Kirsti Biggs, "How to stack 8-dimensional cannonballs".
11:50 Chris Lutsko, "Why Dynamical Systems is Better than Analytic Number Theory ... sometimes (Applications of Homogeneous Dynamics to Stuff)".
12:15 Scott Harper, "ABBA: Need the winner take it all?"
12:40 Felipe Perez, "Games that are fair that shouldn't be".

13:00 Lunch, general outdoorsy good time and optional guided walk around Clifton.

Block 3
14:30 Adelina Mânzǎt̹eanu, "Is there a function field analogue?".
14:50 Jason Dungca, "Teaching Maths From Secondary to Uni- How to Keep Students From Zzzzz.....".
15:10 Kathryn Leeming, "Statistics on Networks for Dummies".

15:30 Tea and coffee.

Block 4
15:50 Emma Bailey, "The Maths behind Sudoku".
16:10 Sam Colvin, "Mathematics and Video Games".
16:20 Edgar Assing, "Hans Arnold and his time in Bristol."

16:30 Brief respite for leg-stretching etc.

Block 5
16:40 Ed Crane speaking about the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research
17:00 Wine Reception, sponsored by Heilbronn, featuring talks by recent finishers Sophie Watson and Nick Jones.

19:00 BBQ dinner served (weather permitting) outside.
+ General low key, mingle-encouraging activites.