Patrick Rubin-Delanchy
Associate Professor in Statistics, School of Mathematics, University of Bristol


Contact details

Office GA.13 (Virtual office
Fry Building, School of Mathematics
University of Bristol
University Walk, Bristol, BS8 1TW

My research is on the discovery of statistical patterns and underlying structure in complex data. I am particularly interested in:

  • Clustering and graphs
  • Machine-learning and anomaly detection
For a representative example, see my NeurIPS 2020 spotlight presentation on "manifold structure in graph embeddings" (starting at 1:58:00).

I currently lead a research group of ~5, mainly supported by two grants:

  • Bayesian and machine-learning-based analysis of high-volume super-resolution microscopy data for molecular-level cell phenotyping (BBSRC, 2018-2021)
  • Analysis of jointly embedded cyber-security graphs (Alan Turing Institute, 2019-2021)
I am a fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, and have a five-year secondment at the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research.

Research opportunities

I'm always happy to hear from students interested in doing research, e.g. a PhD. Fundamentally, you'll need to be good at maths — everything else you can learn.

Please contact me if you want to discuss.