It's me! I am a final year PhD student at the University of Bristol, UK, jointly supervised by Tim Browning and Andrew Booker. I have gotten my Bachelor's and Master's degree from ETH in Zürich with a main focus on Number Theory courses, which is where my interests lie. In particular I'm interested in analytic aspects in Number Theory such as modular forms, diophantine equations and application to and of exponential sums.

Before university I participated in the Swiss Math Olypiad, where I've won a complete set of medals over the three years I participated. I further qualified for the International Math Olympiad, where I won a bronze medal in my last year. After participating I joined the organisation team of the Swiss Math Olympiad, where I was quite active until recently. Over the years some of my problems made it into different exams and you can find a nice selection thereof in the Olympiad Problems section.