Yi Yu  于怡



I am a Lecturer in Statistical Sciences in the School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, previously a postdoc of Professor Richard Samworth and a graduate student of Professor Zhiliang Ying. I obtained my academic degrees from Fudan University (B.S. in Mathematics, July 2009 and Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics, July 2013). This is a picture of me.

My research interests are high-dimensional statistics and network studies. I have been working on theoretical, methodological and computational aspects of variable selection, post-selection inference and tuning parameter selection in regression problems, survival analysis, network analysis, and time series analysis.

Room 4.10

School of Mathematics, University of Bristol

University Walk, Bristol, BS8 1TW, United Kingdom.


+44 (0)117 92 87986

I taught Financial Time Series in 2018-9.

Editorial Service

  1. Associate Editor, Biometrika

Publications and preprints

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Invited discussions

  1. Discussion of “Should we sample a time series more frequently? Decision support via multirate spectrum estimation” by Nason, Powell, Elliott and Smith. (2017) Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A. 180, 384--385[pdf]

      Y. and Ivor Cribben

  2. Invited discussion of Large covariance estimation by thresholding principal orthogonal complements by Fan et al (2013). Journal of Royal Statistical Society, Series B, 75, 656--658. [pdf]

      Y. and Richard J. Samworth


  1. High-dimensional variable selection in the Cox model. (2010) [pdf]



  1. NCPD, an R package for network change point detection using spectral clustering (2015). [source file, manual]

  2. fcd, an R package for fused community detection (2013). Available from cran.

  3. APPLE, an R package for Approximate Path for Penalized Likelihood Estimators (2012). Available from cran.

Ph.D. thesis

  1. Contributions to high-dimensional variable selection. Fudan University, June 2013.

      Supervisor: Professor Zhiliang Ying.