What is Mingle?

The 10th annual welcome conference for new and returning postgraduate students in the University of Bristol's School of Mathematics to, well, mingle. A day of talks followed by dinner, all supported by funding from the school.

Credit: Kathryn Leeming 2017.

The Day

The schedule of the day is now available. The general format of the day will be a series of talks (accessible for all) at Clifton Pavilion, part of Bristol Zoo Gardens with breaks for lunch and tea/coffee followed by dinner in the evening also at the zoo.

Funky Looking Graph
Credit: Kathryn Leeming 2017.

New students

The Mingle conference is deliberately placed in the first week of the academic year in order to introduce new postgraduate students to the department, to each other and to the existing students. It should be a fun day, where you’ll have chance to find out a little about the research being done by each of the groups in the department.

Royal Fort Gardens
Credit: Kathryn Leeming 2017.