Prof. Andrew Hogg

Research Interests

I am interested in the dynamics of fluid motion applied to geophysical and environmental situations, with a particular emphasis on two-phase flows. This includes sediment transport, gravity current and turbidity flows, erosion and avalanches of granular material. I try to develop mathematical models which capture the fundamental dynamics of the flows and which yield results that may be compared to experimental measurements and field observations.

I work in the Applied Mathematics & Numerical Analysis Group (AMNAG) of the School of Mathematics, University of Bristol. I am also involved in the Centre for Environmental & Geophysical Flows (CEGF), which is an interdisciplinary research centre involving mathematicians, earth scientists, engineers and geographers.

Ph.D. Projects

I am always willing to discuss Ph.D. projects with potential students. Currently I have research interests in environmental and geophysical flows and experimental fluid mechanics. Some projects are listed in the AMNAG Postgraduate booklet.