The files in this directory relate to papers on Markov chain Monte Carlo methods. The large *.gz files are compressed using gzip; to uncompress them use gunzip.
The files are as follows: Postscript version of "On Bayesian analysis of mixtures with an unknown number of components", by Sylvia Richardson and Peter Green, February 1996, revised October 1996. Compressed Postscript version of "Object recognition through dynamic polygons", by Antonio Pievatolo and Peter Green, December 1995. PostScript files containing "Fully Bayesian reconstructions from single photon emission computed tomography data", by Iain Weir. Postscript version of "Reversible jump MCMC computation and Bayesian model determination", by Peter Green, December 1994. Postscript version of overview of MCMC methods by Peter Green, May 1994, to be published in the Proceedings of the IMA conference on Complex Stochastic Systems and Engineering. Postscript version of "Markov chain Monte Carlo in image analysis", by Peter Green, a chapter in the book "Practical Markov chain Monte Carlo", edited by Gilks, Richardson and Spiegelhalter, to be published by Chapman and Hall.

bghm.tar.gz bghm.tar.Z tar archives of PostScript files containing "Bayesian computation and stochastic systems" by Besag, Green, Higdon and Mengersen, to appear in Statistical Science. (Please note that printing these files produces a total of 73 pages.) Authors' rejoinder to the discussion of the above paper. Postscript version of discussion on Grenander and Miller's paper to the RSS, October 1993, by Peter Green.

remote.tar.gz tar archive of PostScript files containing "A Bayesian analysis of remotely sensed data using a hierarchical model", by Jacky Wilson and Peter Green. Postscript version of reply by Julian Besag and Peter Green to discussion of RSS meeting on MCMC methods, 6 May 1992. Postscript version of poster on reversible jump MCMC and application to a change point problem, presented by Peter Green in Exeter, July 1994.