3rd-4th June 2021

This is an online meeting featuring talks by PhD stduents from Bristol, Budpaest, Manchester, Oulu and St. Andrews. The talks will take place on the afternoons of Thursday June 3rd and Friday June 4th 2021.

Provisional Schedule

Date Speaker Title
3rd June -- --
13:30 Aleksi Pyörälä (Oulu) Covering the Sierpinski carpet with tubes
14:00 Alec Chamberlain Cann (Bristol) More refined multifractal spectra for Bedford-McMullen Carpets
15:00 Dániel Prokaj (Budapest) Continuous piecewise linear iterated function systems on the line
15:30 Liam Stuart (St. Andrews) Sullivan`s dictionary and Assouad-type dimensions
4th June -- --
13:30 Markus Myllyoja (Oulu) Dimension of limsup sets of rectangles in Heisenberg groups
14:00 Desmond Li (Bristol) Laplacian on fractals
15:00 Tianhong Yang (Bristol) Projecting ergodic measure on the overlapping Sierpiński gasket
15:30 Amlan Banaji (St. Andrews) Dimensions of continued fraction sets

Abstracts are available here. The meetings will take place via Zoom. For details of the zoom link please contact Thomas Jordan.

For more information, contact:

Thomas Jordan
Department of Mathematics
University of Bristol
Bristol BS8 1UG
Tel: 0117 4284888