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I am a Second Year Mathematics PhD Student at Bristol University, working under the supervision of Dr Jonathan Bober. I study Number Theory, with particular interest in Analytic Number Theory.

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I am currently studying for my PhD at Bristol University, supervised by Dr Jonathan Bober.

Within Number Theory, I am mainly interested in multiplicative functions. I am currently working on partial sums of Dirichlet characters. My work is closely linked to this paper.

I completed my undergraduate degree from Grey College, Durham University, where I graduated with a First in the integrated Masters Mathematics MMath course. My dissertation was on the Rankin-Selberg bound on the Fourier coefficients of cusp forms under \(SL_2(\mathbb{Z}) \).

In my spare time, I am a Mathematics tutor and play netball in a local team.




Office: Fry Building 1.23, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1TH

Email: Ayesha.Hussain@bristol.ac.uk