Extensions 1→N→G→Q→1 with N=C52C32 and Q=C2

Direct product G=N×Q with N=C52C32 and Q=C2

Semidirect products G=N:Q with N=C52C32 and Q=C2
extensionφ:Q→Out NdρLabelID
C52C321C2 = C5⋊D32φ: C2/C1C2 ⊆ Out C52C321604+C5:2C32:1C2320,77
C52C322C2 = D16.D5φ: C2/C1C2 ⊆ Out C52C321604-C5:2C32:2C2320,78
C52C323C2 = C5⋊SD64φ: C2/C1C2 ⊆ Out C52C321604+C5:2C32:3C2320,79
C52C324C2 = C32⋊D5φ: C2/C1C2 ⊆ Out C52C321602C5:2C32:4C2320,5
C52C325C2 = C80.9C4φ: C2/C1C2 ⊆ Out C52C321602C5:2C32:5C2320,57
C52C326C2 = D5×C32φ: trivial image1602C5:2C32:6C2320,4

Non-split extensions G=N.Q with N=C52C32 and Q=C2
extensionφ:Q→Out NdρLabelID
C52C32.1C2 = C5⋊Q64φ: C2/C1C2 ⊆ Out C52C323204-C5:2C32.1C2320,80
C52C32.2C2 = C5⋊C64φ: C2/C1C2 ⊆ Out C52C323204C5:2C32.2C2320,3