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I try to disseminate my work by attending international conferences, and discussing with fellow academics. Collaboration and the exchange of ideas is the only way that we can expand the frontiers of scientific knowledge. The days of a single researcher working alone in a dark room waiting for an aha! moment to come are long gone.

Below is a list of conferences/workshop I've attended. If we've met, please connect with me on LinkedIn so we can keep in touch.

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1. Dynamics Days Europe 2008 (Delft)

2. Billiards 2009 (Sao Paulo; invited speaker)

3. Dynamical Systems & Number Theory 2010 (Edinburgh; speaker)

4. Mathematical Billiards and their Applications 2010 (Bristol; Organizer)

5. Mathematical Physics seminar 2011 (Nottingham; invited speaker)

6. 5th Workshop on Quantum Chaos and Localisation Phenomena 2011 (Warsaw; poster)

7. Chaotic and Transport Properties of Higher-Dimensional Dynamical Systems 2011 (Cuernavaca, Mexico; invited speaker)

8. Dynamical Systems seminar 2012 (Dresden; invited speaker)

9. Mathematical Physics seminar 2012 (Bristol; invited speaker)

10. IEEE CAMAD 2012 (Barcelona; Tutorial)

11. Geometric and topological graph theory 2013 (Bristol; speaker)

12. ISWCS 2013 (Ilmenau; invited speaker - best paper award)

13. SET for BRITAIN 2014 (London; poster)

14. WiOpt 2014 (Hammamet, Tunisia; paper)

15. IEEE ICC 2014 (Sydney; paper)

16. Bristol CSN (CSN seminar; invited speaker)

17. WiOpt 2015 (Mumbai, India; paper)

18. IEEE ICC 2015 (London; paper)

19. NND 2015 (Nottingham; invited speaker)

20. ISWCS 2015 (Brussels; tutorial + paper)

21. IEEE PIMRC 2015 (Hong Kong; paper)

22. MoN14 2015 (Oxford; invited talk)

23. IEEE Globecom 2015 (San Diego; paper)

24. Complex networks and emerging applications 2016 (Edinburgh; speaker)

25. IEEE ICC 2016 (Kuala Lumpur; paper)

26. 1st Symposium on Spatial Networks 2016 (Oxford; invited tutorial and speaker)

27. MoN15 2016 (Bath; invited speaker)

28. CHI17 2017 (Denver; attendee)

29. IEEE World Haptics 2017 (Munich; attendee + exhibitor)

30. ACM Automotive User Interface 2017 (Oldenburg; attendee + paper)

31. CHI18 2018 (Montreal; workshop organiser + exhibitor)

32. EuroHaptics 2018 (Pisa; attendee + exhibitor)

33. IEEE VR 2018 (Reutlingen; exhibitor)

34. ACM Automotive User Interface (Toronto; attendee + best paper)

35. CHI19 2019 (Glasgow; workshop organiser)

Note that with increased travel and events, it has become increasingly difficult for me to accurately maintain this page updated.

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Mailing address: Ultrahaptics, The West Wing, Glass Wharf, Bristol, BS2 0EL, UK.