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Public Engagement

Research is often hard to explain, especially blue-sky research with no obvious application or commercialisation route in sight. It is therefore very important to engage the general public during e.g. scientific events and explain why this research is important. To this end, I have presented, discussed and taught science in numerous international conferences, workshop events and fairs to the general public, university students, leading academics, VIP business executives, and members of the UK Parliament.

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1. Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2011 - Can you hear the shape of a graph? - UoB Press release

2. Dresden Long night of science 2012 - Predicting Chaos and Wisdom of the crowds

3. SET for BRITAIN 2014 - Poster presentation entitled: "Quantifying connectivity of ad hoc networks"

4. Art of Science Competition 2014/15 - "Fractal betweenness" (joint with Carl P. Dettmann) : The images depict two random gemoetric graphs, one inside and one outside a fractal. The yellow-green colorings show the betweenness centrality of nodes. Notice that while it is the central nodes in the right panel that have high betweennness centrality, in the left panel it is the border nodes, indicating that they lie on more multi-hop paths.


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