MATH10013: Probability and Statistics (first half)

This is the web page for first half of the Level 1 course 'Probability and Statistics' lectured by Professor Oliver Johnson of the School of Mathematics of Bristol University.
Lectures take place throughout teaching block 1.
Lectures via Blackboard
Optional drop-in sessions: Zoom, Wednesday 1-2 (check Blackboard for meeting ID) or send me an email at other times.
A more detailed description of the course including syllabus, suggested reading and unit aims.

Lecture notes and Problem Sheets

Lecture notes (printed copies available via tutors)
Problem sheets
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A First Course in Probability by S. Ross.

Diversions and links from lectures

Section 1: Humans are not good at generating random numbers
Section 2 Diversion 1: Drake equation
Section 2 Diversion 2: Ramsey's theorem (see also Quanta magazine)
Section 3 Diversion 1: MIT Blackjack Team
Section 3 Diversion 2: (Conditional) Probability is likely to confuse people
Section 4 Diversion 1: German tank problem
Section 4 Diversion 2: Doomsday argument
Section 5 Diversion 1: Double your money?
Section 5 Diversion 2: 10 pin bowling
Section 6 Diversion: Beating roulette
Section 7 Diversion 1: Spurious correlations
Section 7 Diversion 2: Infinite Jest tennis match
Section 8 Diversion 1: Bertrand paradox
Section 8 Diversion 2: Benford's Law: Testing Benford's law
Section 9 Diversion 1: Alan Turing and probability
Section 9 Diversion 2: Larry Summers New York Times article (see point 6 in particular)
Section 10 Diversion 1: Metcheck snow probabilities, SPI-M-O consensus report on COVID modelling, Bank of England inflation predictions, climate change scenarios
Section 10 Diversion 2: Quincunx