Undergraduate works of Márton Balázs

This is my thesis,

written in Hungarian in 1999. It is about simple groups acting on certain simple field-algebras. We examine the invariant part of these algebras. In higher levels, these methods can be used to obtain a different approach to quantum field theories. Some parts of pictures may be missing since they are written in a special language of emtex. My supervisor was Kornél Szlachányi (KFKI RMKI).

This is my work

written for the National Conference of Physicist Students, 1999. It is shown there, that the Lagrangian function of a simple mass-point can be obtained using symmetries of the mass-point, thus the expression 1/2mv2 for the energy of the particle follows. A similar statement holds also in the relativistic case. The formalism is the one described in Space-Time Without Reference Frames, written by Tamás Matolcsi. My supervisors were Péter Ván (Department of Chemical Physics, TU Budapest) and Tamás Matolcsi (Department of Applied Analysis, Eötvös University).


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