Quantum Computation 2020

Ashley Montanaro and Ryan Mann

Quantum computers are machines that are designed to use the principles of quantum mechanics to do things that cannot be done by any standard computer based only on classical physics. This unit will introduce the emerging theory of quantum computation, which has many remarkable features compared with classical computation. The unit will cover some of the most important quantum algorithms currently known, which outperform classical algorithms for tasks ranging from factorising large integers to simulating large quantum-mechanical systems.

Lectures and problem classes will be held at 12pm Monday (Fry, LG.02), 9am Tuesday (Chemistry, LT4) and 9am Friday (old Maths building, SM2).

Please hand in exercises to the pigeonhole in room G.90 of the Fry building by midday on Tuesdays (from week 2), or alternatively in the Tuesday lecture.

The drop-in session (office hour) is 10am on Fridays while the unit is running. Ashley's office is room 2A.13 in the Fry building; Ryan's office is room 2A.10.


Assessment: Exercise sheets will be provided and discussed in problems classes. Final assessment for the unit will be a 1.5-hour written exam. Past exam papers are available on the School of Mathematics student intranet.