The aim of the school is to give an overview of the existing methods for investigating integer and rational solutions to Diophantine equations. It will include both the algebraic, analytic and model theory aspects of the subject. There will be six 3-hour mini-courses, supported by exercise classes.

Course 1. Rational Points
A. Rational points on curves - Michael Stoll (Bayreuth) - Lecture notes and exercises
B. Higher-dimensional varieties - Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial) - Lecture notes and exercises

Course 2. Integral Points
A. Basic methods and solubility - Jennifer Park (McGill) - Exercises #1, Exercises #2 and Exercises #3
B. Analytic methods - Trevor Wooley (Bristol) - Exercises

Course 3. Elliptic and modular curves
A. Elliptic curves - Tim Dokchitser (Bristol) and Vladimir Dokchitser (Warwick) - Exercises
B. ABC & consequences - Andrew Granville (Montreal/UCL) - Exercises

The organisers (Tim Dokchitser and Vladimir Dokchitser)