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Current source code download. This provides the GUI source code for Linux (somewhat cygwin/mac compatable, if you know what you are doing; see below).
Windows Installer.
Windows Zip file.


For use with RAD data, there is fineRADstructure, which can take in RAD data in a variety of formats for processing with fineSTRUCTURE.

Installing FineSTRUCTURE GUI for Linux / source (GUI and Command line)

Dependencies for the GUI:
  • GNU Scientific Library (GSL, development version as above)
  • automake (package automake in Ubuntu and OpenSUSE)
  • wxwidgets 3.0.0+ (packages libwxgtk3.0-dev and wx-common in Ubuntu, wxGTK-devel in OpenSUSE; WARNING: This has many dependencies.)
  • GCC c++ compiler (as above)
Installation Instructions for the GUI:
Assuming that you are continuing from a successful compilation of the command line version:
tar -xzvf finestructure-0.1.0GUI.tar.gz # (check correct version)
cd finestructure-0.1.0/gui
sudo make install # optional; installs finegui exceutable

Installing FineSTRUCTURE GUI for Windows

Windows users should use the installer above, which includes the GUI manual and example (linked from the program menu in "Finestructure GUI"). An executable version is provided in the zip file in case you don't have install permissions.

You may also compile from source; you will need wxwidgets, a compiler such as MinGW and (optionally) a build environment such as Code::Blocks.

Installing Finestructure GUI for Mac

  • Install wxwidgets: brew install wxwidgets
  • Download the latest version of the GUI from this page:
  • curl -O
    tar -xzvf finestructure-0.1.0GUI.tar.gz
    cd finestructure-0.1.0/gui
    ./configure # make sure to use the default compiler here!
  • Optionally, copy to your path: cp finegui ~/bin
Requirements (thanks to John Didion!) using macports (or manual installation of these packages):
  • MacPorts from
  • GCC: sudo port install gcc46
  • GSL: sudo port install gsl-devel