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fineSTRUCTURE is a fast and powerful algorithm for identifying population structure using dense sequencing data.  By using the output of ChromoPainter as a (nearly) sufficient summary statistic, it is able to perform model-based Bayesian clustering on large datasets, including full resequencing data, and can handle up to 1000s of individuals. Full assignment uncertainty is given.

There is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) as well as a command line version, and the program runs on both Windows and Linux (Mac support may be possible).

A Stochastic optimization routine is available for performing faster EDA and dealing with larger datasets - see FAQ under "What if my dataset is too big for MCMC".

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Citation and further information

The correct citation is:

Full details of the process are given in that reference.  You may also want to see an early overview poster which describes the broad approach.