Children's Education

2014 Hypothesis Testing (DTC)

Hypothesis testing, a DTC link course for non-mathematicians. The corresponding Practical questions explore the basics of testing using simple simulations in matlab.

Teaching at Bristol

I am currently on a research fellowship that does not require me to teach.

I previously gave tutorials for Year 1 Probability taught by David Leslie, Linear Algebra taught by Roman Schubert, and Statistics taught by Peter Green. An introductory hour long session in R for my tutees focusses on R relevant to the Probability course (alternatively, see the PDF version or the OpenOffice.org version).

Other material

I helped give a course in Mathematical Modelling with Glenn Marion at Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland. They discuss how to build a model, how to analyse that model, how to test the model against data, and finally how to use models in order to learn about the real world.

The main course notes are available in text form. Extra slides describe building Models and testing models. There are also some notes on practicals that can be taken at Glenn's webpage. I would be very happy to discuss any stage of model construction and testing as I have been involved with all stages.