Extensions 1→N→G→Q→1 with N=C3 and Q=C23.11D6

Direct product G=N×Q with N=C3 and Q=C23.11D6

Semidirect products G=N:Q with N=C3 and Q=C23.11D6
extensionφ:Q→Aut NdρLabelID
C31(C23.11D6) = Dic3.D12φ: C23.11D6/C4×Dic3C2 ⊆ Aut C348C3:1(C2^3.11D6)288,500
C32(C23.11D6) = C62.83C23φ: C23.11D6/D6⋊C4C2 ⊆ Aut C396C3:2(C2^3.11D6)288,561
C33(C23.11D6) = C62.85C23φ: C23.11D6/D6⋊C4C2 ⊆ Aut C396C3:3(C2^3.11D6)288,563
C34(C23.11D6) = C62.95C23φ: C23.11D6/C6.D4C2 ⊆ Aut C348C3:4(C2^3.11D6)288,601
C35(C23.11D6) = C62.229C23φ: C23.11D6/C3×C22⋊C4C2 ⊆ Aut C3144C3:5(C2^3.11D6)288,742
C36(C23.11D6) = C62.77C23φ: C23.11D6/C2×Dic6C2 ⊆ Aut C348C3:6(C2^3.11D6)288,555
C37(C23.11D6) = C62.101C23φ: C23.11D6/C2×C3⋊D4C2 ⊆ Aut C348C3:7(C2^3.11D6)288,607

Non-split extensions G=N.Q with N=C3 and Q=C23.11D6
extensionφ:Q→Aut NdρLabelID
C3.(C23.11D6) = Dic9.D4φ: C23.11D6/C3×C22⋊C4C2 ⊆ Aut C3144C3.(C2^3.11D6)288,95