Mathematical methods 3

I am no longer teaching this unit. Please check the current official online unit description.

This is a unit about analytical methods for solving partial differential equations, following on from Applied Partial Differential Equations 2 (see also discontinued unit Applied Mathematics 2), and is related to many areas of applied mathematics, including asymptotics, fluid dynamics, general relativity and waves.

Timetable: Tuesday 12:10, Thursday and Friday at 10, SM3.

Handout on conic sections: ps pdf

Problem sheets

As stated in the unit description, you will get credit if you pass the exam (a mark of 40), or if you get a mark of 30 in the exam and hand in satisfactory attempts at five homework assignments. The homework will be marked by Joch Mathunjwa (email J.Mathunjwa). Please place your work in the box near the porter's desk on Friday before 3pm, and find it after 4pm on Monday along with copies of the problems and solutions below. Solutions will be accessible from this page after the due date. Note that this information is subject to change until the homework is handed out in class, after which the only changes will be correction of errors.

- Problems Set Due date Solutions
A ps pdf 2,3,4 10/2 ps pdf
B ps pdf 1acd,2c,3c 17/2 ps pdf
C ps pdf 2,3,4b 24/2 ps pdf
D ps pdf 1,2,4ab 3/3 ps pdf
E ps pdf 1,3 10/3 ps pdf
F ps pdf 2def,3ac,4,6 17/3 ps pdf
G ps pdf 1,3 24/3 ps pdf
H ps pdf 1,4,5 21/4 ps pdf
I ps pdf 4,5,6 28/4 ps pdf
J ps pdf 1,3 5/5 ps pdf

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