Probability Seminars
Past talks

• Nic Freeman (19.05.2017): Branching Brownian Motion, mean curvature flow and the motion of hybrid zones
• Ábel Farkas (12.05.2017): Conditional measure on the Brownian path and other random sets
• Neil O'Connell (05.05.2017): From Pitman's 2M-X theorem to random polymers and integrable systems
• Max-Olivier Hongler (28.04.2017): Swarms of Interacting Agents in Random Environments - (PDF)
• Carl Dettmann (31.03.2017): Connectivity in spatial networks - (PDF)
• Oliver Johnson (17.03.2017): When is a function nearly constant? - (PDF)
• David Sirl (10.03.2017): Epidemic mitigation in populations modelled as networks - (PDF)
• Andreas Kyprianou (03.03.2017): Terrorists never congregate in even numbers (or: Some strange results in fragmentation-coalescence) - (PDF)
• Malwina Luczak (24.02.2017): Extinction times for a stochastic SIS logistic epidemic and for the weaker of two competing stochastic SIS logistic epidemics - (PDF)
• Agelos Georgakopoulos (13.02.2017): Group-walk random graphs - (PDF) (Joint PAD seminar)
• Alison Etheridge (10.02.2017): From stochastic spatial models of evolving populations to mean curvature flow - (PDF)
• Batı Şengül (03.02.2017): Existence of a phase transition of the interchange process on the Hamming graph - (PDF)
• László Erdős (03.02.2017): The matrix Dyson equation in random matrix theory - (PDF) (joint with the Mathematical Physics Seminar)
• Cristina Toninelli (09.12.2016): Bootstrap percolation and Kinetically constrained models: time and length scales - (PDF)
• Christina Goldschmidt (02.12.2016): Parking on a tree
• People (mostly) from PAD (25.11.2016): 3-minute talks
• Ellen Powell (11.11.2016): An invariance principle for branching diffusions in bounded domains - (PDF)
• Júlia Komjáthy (04.11.2016): When are scale-free graphs ultra-small? - (PDF)
• Tim Hulshof (04.11.2016): Critical percolation on the Hamming graph - (PDF)
• Jean-Dominique Deuschel (28.10.2016): Invariance principle for random walks with time-dependent ergodic degenerate weights
• Ryoki Fukushima (21.10.2016): Eigenvalue fluctuations for lattice Anderson Hamiltonians (joint with the Mathematical Physics Seminar) - (PDF)
• H. Vincent Poor (14.10.2016): Privacy in the Smart Grid: Information, Control & Games - (PDF)
• Patrícia Gonçalves (07.10.2016): The symmetric simple exclusion with slow boundaries - (PDF)
• Milton Jara (30.09.2016): Non-equilibrium fluctuations of one-dimensional particle systems

See the Probability and Statistics talk slides before Autumn 2016.


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