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List of accepted abstracts

The list of contributions accepted by the scientific committee to appear in the proceedings of the 30th IWWWFB are listed alphabetically below.

There were over 90 abstracts submitted to this years workshop and it is unfortunate that we have been unable to accept more papers. In response to the unusually high submission rate we have accepted more abstracts than originally planned. As a result, the talks will be reduced to the format of a 16 minute presentation plus 4 minutes for questions.

Please contact the organisers if your abstract has been accepted but it subseqently emerges you/coauthors are unable to present your paper at the Workshop.

1. A high-order finite-difference linear seakeeping solver tool for calculation of added resistance in waves
Afshar, M.A., Bingham, H.B. & Read, R.

2. On the modeling of nonlinear wave-wave and wave-body interactions in a realistic sea state
Bai, W., Feng, X., Chen, X. & Ang, K.K.

3. Paper withdrawn

4. Linearized potential flow analysis of a 40 chamber, oscillating water column wave energy device
Bingham, H.B. & Read, R.

5. Experimental demonstration of Epsilon-Near-Zero water waves focusing
Bobinski, T. Eddi, A., Maurel, A., Pagneux, V. & Petitjeans, P.

6. Experimental study of water-oil-boom interaction and failure events
Borri, D., Lugni, C., Greco, M. & Faltinsen, O.M.

7. Lagrangian numerical wave-current flume
Buldakov, E., Stagonas, D. & Simons, R.

8. Forced heaving motion of a floating air-filled bag
Chaplin, J., Farley, F., Kurniawan, A., Greaves, D. & Hann, M.

9. Two-dimensional breaking wave impact on a vertical wall
Chatjigeorgiou, I.K., Korobkin, A.A. & Cooker, M.J.

10. Added Resistance Simulation of Blunt Ship in Short Waves
Chen, J. & Duan, W.

11. Particle–In–Cell Numerical Solver for Free Surface Flows with Fluid–Solid Interactions
Chen, Q., Zang, J., Kelly, D.M., Williams, C.J.K. & Dimakopoulos, A.

12. Dispersion relation and instability onset of Faraday waves
Clamond, D. & Rajchenbach, J.

13. Energy dissipation and spectrum evolution during the breaking of modulated wave trains
De Vita, F., Verzicco, R. & Iafrati, A.

14. Wave Forces On A Vertical Cylinder With Non-Circular Cross Section
Disibuyuk, N.B. & Korobkin, A.A.

15. Ship waves at finite depth in the presence of uniform vorticity
Ellingsen, S.A. & Li, Y.

16. Total transmission through narrow gaps in channels
Evans, D.V. & Porter, R.

17. Numerical Simulation of Breaking Wave Impact on a Vertical Wall
Gao F., Zang, J. & Blenkinsopp, C.

18. Interaction distance for scattered and radiated waves in large wave energy parks
Goteman, M., Engstrom, J., Eriksson, M. & Isberg, J.

19. Validation of a nonlinear spectral model for water waves over a variable bathymetry
Gouin, M., Ducrozet, G. & Ferrant, P.

20. Strongly nonlinear evaluation of internal ship wakes
Grue, J.

21. Second-order hydroelastic behavior of a flexible circular plate in monochromatic waves
Han, S.Y., Malenica, S., Kim, B.J., Kim, Y.J. & Kwon, S.H.

22. Towards Efficient Generalized Wagner Solvers for Slamming in Oblique Seas
Helmers, J.B. & Sun, H.

23. The interaction of a waves with a Submerged Very Large Elastic Plate
Hermans, A.J.

24. Performance of "Salter's Cam" in 3-DOF Motion and in a Viscous Fluid
Jiang, Y. & Yeung, R.W.

25. Singularization of Sloshing Impacts
Karimi, M.R., Brosset, L., Ghidaglia, J.-M. & Kaminski, M.L.

26. Wave Drift Force on Floating Bodies of Cloaking Configuration and Associated Wave Patterns
Kashiwagi, M., Iida, T. & Miki, M.

27. A linearized exit model for prediction of forces on a body within the 2D+T framework
Khabakhpasheva, T.I., Korobkin, A.A. & Maki, K.J.

28. Experimental description of long time evolution of Akhmediev breathers
Kimmoun, O., Chabchoub, A., Branger, H., Hsu, H.C., Chen, Y.Y., Kharif, C. & Li, M.S.

29. Non-linear problem on unsteady free surface flow forced by submerged cylinder
Kostikov, V.K. & Makarenko, N.I.

30. When no axisymmetric modes are trapped by a freely floating moonpool
Kuznetsov, N.

31. Study on a Semi-Analytic Approach for Analysis of Parametric Roll in Regular and Irregular Head Seas
Lee, J.-H., Kim, Y. & Song, K.-H.

32. Forces on vertical cylinders due to steep asymmetric and breaking waves based on the Froude Krylov approximation x2
Lind, R.J. & Stansby, P.K.

33. Hydroelastic response of a floating thin plate due to a surface-piercing load
Lu, D.Q.

34. On Stokes’ Coefficients and the Wave Resistance of a Towed Body
Maklakov, D.V. & Petrov, A.G.

35. A note on convergence of expansion formulae for wave-structure interaction problems
Mandal, S., Sahoo, T. & Chakrabarti, A.

36. Scattering by rings of vertical cylinders
Martin, P.A.

37. The Sign of the Added Mass Coefficients for 2-D Structures
McIver, M. & McIver, P.

38. Numerical and experimental modelling of cylindrical tuned liquid dampers
Molin, B., Remy, F., Bonnici, J. & Lacaze, J.-B.

39. Amplification of waves by submerged plates
Newman, J.N.

40. Bursting of a high pressure bubble through a free surface
Ni, B.

41. A fully submerged flap-type wave energy converter
Noad, I.F. & Porter, R.

42. A new linearization method for vectorial Morison equation
Ouled Housseine, C., Monroy, C. & Bigot, F.

43. Hydrodynamic Interaction of Two Bodies in Waves
Peng, H., Ashim Ali, Md. & Qiu, W.

44. Long-period waves and current variations in a port due to a passing vessel
Pinkster, J. & van der Hout, A.

45. Extended Mild-Slope Equations for Compressible Fluids
Renzi, E., Cecioni, C., Bellotti, G., Sammarco, P. & Dias, F.

46. Localisation in water wave and thin plate problems
Rupprecht, S., Peter, M.A., Bennetts, L.G. & Chung, H.

47. Inertia forces on conductor arrays in a jacket model in regular waves
Santo, H., Taylor, P.H. & Day, A.H.

48. Some aspects of the eigenfrequency computation in a two-dimensional tank filled with two non miscible fluids
Scolan, Y.-M.

49. Hydrodynamic impact on an erodible body
Semenov, Y.A. & Wu, G.X.

50. Optimising power take-offs for maximizing wave energy conversions
Sheng, W., Alcorn, R. & Lewis, A.

51. Modelling Water Wave Overwash of a Sea Ice Floe
Skene, D., Bennetts, L., Meylan, M.H., Toffoli, A. & Monty, J.

52. Wave Radiation by a Cylinder Submerged in Water with an Ice Floe or a Polynya
Sturova, I.V. & Tkacheva, L.A.

53. A Time-Domain Twice Expansion Method for Wave Interaction with a Body of Large Amplitude Motion
Teng, B. & Jin, R.

54. Experimental observation of near-motion-trapped mode
Wolgamot H., Taylor, P.H., Eatock Taylor, R., Fitzgerald, C.J., van den Bremer, T., Whittaker, C. & Raby, A.

55. A linearized free-surface RANS method for unsteady ship maneuvering problems
Woolliscroft, M.O. & Maki, K.J.

56. Oblique water entry of a wedge with vortex shedding
Xu, G.D. & Wu, G.X.

57. Fully nonlinear and dispersive of nearshore wave modeling: accuracy and efficiency of two methods of solving the potential flow problem
Yates, M.L., Benoit, M. & Raoult, C.

58. Hydro-elastoplastic analysis of floating plates in waves
Yoon, J.-S. & Lee. P.-S.

59. Double Doppler shift theory on water waves generated by a translating and oscillating source
Yuan, Z.-M, Incecik, A., Day, A. & Jia, L.

60. Liquid sloshing and impact in a closed container with high filling
Zekri, H.J., Korobkin, A.A. & Cooker, M.J.

61. Fully Nonlinear Computations of Wave Radiation Forces and Hydrodynamic Coefficients for a Ship with a Forward Speed
Zhang, X. & Beck, R.F.

62. A numerical study on prediction of ship maneuvering in waves
Zhang, W. & Zou, Z.

63. A comparative study of the GN-3 and Boussinesq equations for nonlinear wave propagation
Zhao, B.B., Duan, W.Y., Ertekin, R.C., Demirbilek, Z. & Webster, W.C.

64. Wave-interference and wave-breaking effects on the Kelvin wakes of high-speed monohull ships and catamarans
Zhu, Y., He, J., Zhang, C., Wei, L., Wan, D. & Noblesse, F.